Adnan Rashid


Adnan Rashid is a historian with a speciality in the history of Islamic civilization, comparative religion and Hadith literature.

He has an honours degree in History from the University of London and is currently pursuing further studies. He has also gained Ijazah’s in Hadith from a number of scholars.

He also takes a keen interest in Islamic numismatics and ancient manuscripts.. He has debated many high profile figures in the field of politics, history and Christian/Islamic theology.

He has defended his views in many prestigious universities including the University of Warsaw (Poland), the American University of Beirut (Lebanon) and The Trinity College Dublin and numerous other universities across the UK and internationally. He has also represented Islam and Muslims on a number of reputable media platforms such as the BBC.

He is presently serving as a Khatib (delivering Friday sermons) in a number of London Mosques. He is presently conducting an extensive Tafsir Course explaining the meaning of the Qur’an to wider audiences based upon the work of Ibn Kathir. Adnan also specializes in the Sirah (Life of the Prophet).

Adnan believes that Islam is a way of life which promotes modernity (in all of its positive manifestations) and provides realistic solutions for all problems facing mankind.

Adnan Rashid is the Head of the Institute as well as a senior researcher & lecturer.