Muslim India

Islam is the 2nd largest religion in the Indian sub-continent. Muslims first came to the Indian sub-continent (coastal Malabar) as traders in the seventh century. Muslim armies conquered Sindh in the early eighth century (711 c.) and this was the first significant political emergence of Islam in India. During the eleventh century, the Ghaznavids and Ghorids conducted a number of raids into India. It were the Ghorids who made the first attempt to establish a political domain for Islam in northern India. The result was the Delhi Sultanate which survived well into the sixteenth century, until the Mughals emerged and remained in power until the nineteenth century. This course is a tour de force through Muslim history in the Indian peninsula, covering fascinating details about rise and fall of powers; political genius of rulers; tales of betrayals; accumulation of wealth and its loss; unprecedented courage and loyalty; love and jealousy; literary excellence with technological progress; rise of colonialism and resistance to it etc. The course will simply make you fall in love with the history and monuments of the Indian sub-continent. An absolutely unique feature of this course is the availability of material evidence from the period for study. Artefacts such as coins and manuscripts will be used to take students as close to historical figures as possible. The course consists of the following content:


The Advent of the Arabs (711 c.)

Mohammad bin Qasim.

Invasions from the North West

. Ghaznavid Invasions.

. Ghorid Invasions.

The Delhi Sultanate (1210-1526)

. The Slave Dynasty.

. Mongol Invasions.

. The Khaljis.

. The Tughlaq Dynasty.

. The Sayyids and the Lodis.

The Mughals (1526-1857)

. Babar.

. Humayun.

The Suri Dynasty (1540-1556)

Sher Shah Suri.

Islam Shah Suri.

The Mughals Restored

. Humayun.

. Akbar.

. Jahangir.

. Shahjahan.

. Aurangzeb.

The Decline of the Mughals

. Wars of Succession.

. Invasion of Nadir Shah.

. Rise of the East India Company.

. The Marattas.

. The Sikhs.

. Invasion of Ahmad Shah Durrani.

. Shah Wali Allah (1703-1762)

Mysore (1761-1799)

. Sultan Haider Ali.

. Tipu Sultan.

The Rise of the British (1757-1947)

. Marattas Defeated.

. Sayyad Ahmad of Bareli.

. The Fall of the Sikh Dynasty.

. The War of Independence.

. The Period of Oppression.

. Bhopal.

. The Independence Movement.

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