Legacy of Islam

What is the Legacy of Islam?

To answer this question, the course will take the participants on a tour de force through Islamic history. Islamic Civilisation influenced the world in a number of ways and how this powerful influence changed human destiny is going to be elaborated through a study of primary material. The peaceful coexistence facilitated by Muslim tolerance provided an unprecedented sense of security for Jews, Christians and Muslims to work together for the common good of humanity. The course will explore the ethical causes of the historical development of Islamic universities, libraries and subsequent sciences. What role did the religion of Islam play in the development of the Islamic Civilisation? Why was the political expansion of Islam so sudden and rapid? How did the Muslims treat their non-Muslim subjects? How did the Jews and Christians respond to the rule of Muslim Civilisation? Was Islam responsible for all the great achievements of the Islamic Civilisation? What was the magnitude of the influence of the Muslim Civilisation on the European intellectual development? Did Muslims influence the European Renaissance? These questions will be discussed and studied in the light of multiple academic studies.

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