Islam’s War on Terror

This course will present a case for the argument that Islam is one of the best things that happened to mankind. This task will be accomplished by highlighting the evidence of  effective Islamic justice and tolerance the world enjoyed for centuries. It will be seen in what follows that the Muslims, when in power, offered fair terms to the Other (Jews and Christians) and that the purpose of these terms/treaties was to uphold justice and protection of the weak. Some of the contemporary non-Muslim testimonies will also be discussed to show that these treaties were successfully implemented. Evidence from later periods will also be presented to underline the consistency of tolerant Muslim behaviour towards the Other. The paper will argue that the good fruits of Islamic justice and peace are a product of the teachings of the Qur’an and the prophetic tradition (the Hadith). One will see that the peace and justice emanating from the Islamic system produced some of the most civilised societies in the history of mankind. Even the Europeans benefited from the knowledge and experience of the Muslim civilisation. The evidence will show that the advent the Prophet of Islam ﷺ was indeed one of the best occurrences in history.

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