Christianismi Restitutio

Christianismi Restitutio was a book authored by Michael Servetus in 1553 c. He criticised the Doctrine of the Trinity in this book and was consequently burned alive at the stake in Geneva. The title, when rendered into English, means “Restoration of Christianity”. Servetus attempted to show that the earliest Christians did not believe in the Doctrine of the Trinity and the original beliefs must be restored, hence the title of the book. This course also attempts to restore the beliefs of earliest Christians through an academic study of primary sources. Participants will also be taught about the process of the formation of beliefs in early Christianity. Who were earliest Christians? Did Jesus preach to gentiles (non-Jewish people)? Did the Bible, in its current form exist, in the early centuries? Did earliest Christians believe in the Trinity? Was the Bible changed (or corrupted)? Who canonised the books of the New Testament and how? How did the Doctrine of the Trinity spread in the Roman Empire? Were all early Christians a homogeneous group? These are some of the very interesting questions addressed in this fascinating course. The participants will take away the following with them:

1. Thorough knowledge of early Christianity.
2. Firm understanding of the development of the Christian scripture.
3. Effective study skills such as analysis and evaluation of historical material.
4. Knowledge of the Islamic position on the Bible and Christianity.
5. Awareness of major academic authorities on Christian history.

And a lot more…

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