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Kirsty Wark And The Trojan Horse Disconnect

Kirsty Wark and the Trojan Horse Disconnect

Blog Post by Lauren Booth Last night I had a waking nightmare. In it Kirsty Wark was asking surreal-sounding questions of a media fall guy from the Muslim Council of Britain. “The idea that a woman should ever obey her husband is wrong” Blustered Kirsy making me pity her husband/partner/co-habitee/orther. The MCB fall guy, on air for a few precious minutes to give, I suppose, an alternative view, splutters ‘but, but, but…” I click the remote but I don’t wake up from this nonsense. It continues. These are from todays Daily Mail online readers and Ukippers touting for votes in May: ‘I hope these people will be charged and jailed for this. This must be stood on...

Terror, Tea and Hhugs

Tea for Terrorists? By: Lauren Booth At a hall in Dewsbury, in the north of England, a small hall is lined with stalls selling glittering cupcakes and charity T-shirts. This is an awareness and fund raising event for the initiative Hhugs - Helping Households Under Great Stress. The charity which assists the families of men in prison charged under ‘terror’ or immigration legislation. If the words above have set an indignant fury nagging at you. That's understandable. If I didn’t live, work and pray, amongst British Muslims I’d be indignant about such an event too - perhaps. Maybe I’d be suspicious as well, of ‘that lot with their Shariah law and covered up women’. On...

Moazzem won’t Begg (Justice is a Right)

By Lauren Booth Haworth is a cobbled, charming timepiece village, shunted, deep into the Yorkshire Moors. Setting off in the car with my daughters for a half term break, I am wondering if we will be glared at by uniquely, ‘white’ hiking families, during secluded walks, here in the North of England . Ye Olde Apothecary, our B&B is part of an unchanged 19th century row of shops and taverns, tapering into a forbidding, grey, hillside. Arriving at dusk, the silence beneath the ancient church makes us feel we should whisper. Dragging bags up a winding, staircase, I am amazed when a disembodied, voice floats down with the words: ‘Assalamu Alaykhum’(The Islamic greeting meaning...