Shariah Law: Terrorising or Modernising?

The parameters for such a discussion are blurred due to the aforementioned current context, but it is hoped that objectivity will triumph above misconceived notions and political persuasions. A fusion of linguistic and technical terminology allows for recognition of modernity as anything newly accepted, and manifests itself through political, economic and scientific development.Modernity of course is a very fluid and relative term, and the peripheries of the notion may change from time to time.


Liberalism and its effect on Society

beralism has directly contributed to social problems. These problems range from child abuse and neglect to violent crime and rape. A common trend in liberal societies, such as the UK and US, is that social breakdown has become a norm, and has shaped academic and popular culture discourse. Professor Daniel Bell, lecturer in Political Science at the University of Singapore, states,…


Blade Britain and the I-Empire

Last year (2007) Jonathan Matondo, a 16-year old boy was blasted in the head in a Sheffield park in a‘postcode’ war between rival gangs.

What was particularly telling about the community’s reaction to the shooting was the insight of Robert Smith, editor of a Sheffield-based community newsletter, who said that “we have reached a new level in an inner city internal warfare that is seeing young people firing guns as though playing a video amusement game with life.” His comment speaks of the unparalleled and skewed transition between childhood and adulthood that is unmistakably a result of the cyber world that many youth live in….


Voices of Conscience Sophie’s Sacrifice

There is a light that sometimes blinks beautifully and ahead of time, a light we come to capture days, months, years or decades later. This year we remembered Sophie Scholl, a young 21 year old German woman who stood with her brother Hans Scholl at the brink of a precipice, between moral self-accountability and cowardice, fear, wilful ignorance and indifference. During the height of Nazism, she chose, as a member of the White Rose Movement to warn the German people of the genocide committed against Jews, gypsies, communists, the mentally ill, and how German apathy would only embolden the Nazi machine….