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Migrant Child Dead Beach Turkey

The Spectacle of Suffering

The Spectacle of Suffering The image of Aylan Kurdi, of a forlorn three year old boy alone on a beach, flat down on his face as sea water lapped over and around him, appeared to wake the conscience of millions. We were confronted with ourselves, our weakness spoke through our tears and the isolation we saw in him drew us together in communal huddles. We felt. And in feeling we felt ourselves too, we felt for a moment what it meant to be human, to be small and weak, but our humanity extended beyond the exterior. We also looked within and humanity and empathy coalesced. By empathising we humanised our own existence since the boy we saw could have been one of ours, it could have been us in a...
San Bernardino County Politics

Desperate Journalism: Al-Huda International and San Bernardino.

One of the biggest catastrophes of the 21st century was the Iraq war and what followed. We are now aware that the then prime minister of Britain, Tony Blair, mislead the world into believing the existence of “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq. He convinced the “International Community” that Saddam Hussein had the capacity to attack immediately. We have now come to know that all of this was not true. Blair has since apologised for his role in the “mistake”. According to a number of international estimates, over a million people lost their lives as a result of the war. Many have been asking for Tony Blair to be put on trial for war crimes. Whether Blair is directly guilty of...