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This House Believes That Sharia Is Better Than The English Law

This House Believes that Sharia is Fairer than the English Law

By Abdullah Al Andalusi I don’t know how it happened, nor could believe that it could’ve happen – but yesterday, me and my fellow MDI colleague, Zara Faris WON the debate that SHARIA is FAIRER than ENGLISH LAW – in front of an audience of 61 English upper class/middle class attendees! Zara and I were invited on the panel in the Master Builder’s Hotel, a very distinguished place in the middle of the idyllic English countryside of Hampshire, organised by Lord Strathcarron. There were many distinguished invitees and I got the distinct impression that they were ‘well heeled’ individuals – members of the English upper class, judges, QC’s (Queen’s Councillors – i.e....