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Bombing from the skies

by: Hamza Imran Nisar Those fighting the tyranny of others should always guard themselves from becoming tyrants, and those seeking to enforce legitimacy should themselves use legitimate means. Alas, the United States has seldom adopted such philosophy in its foreign policy. On 4 February 2002, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operated its first unmanned drone strike in a targeted killing. Three men were gathered in an area located in the Paktia Province in Afghanistan. The intended target was Osama bin Laden. However, those actually “targeted” were three innocent men. The US-led drone programme has since expanded considerably to countries like Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia and most...
Those Who Seek Justice Should Do Justice

Those who seek justice should do justice

David Cameron’s speech on 29 August 2014 highlighted the level of “terror threat” Britain faces, potentially at the hands of British born terrorists, as severe. The speech was full of ironies and misinformation. He amazingly mentioned many grievances of radicalised individuals only to ignore them subsequently by placing the blame on an evil ideology called “Islamist extremism”. Cameron has again used the term “Islamist” to describe acts of terror or extremism? It appears that he is simply not interested in an honest discussion and will continue to sing the tunes orchestrated by the increasingly Islamophobic political establishment. The media and the politicians are simply not...