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Forensic Exposé on CEMB “Report”

Evangelising Lies: Exposing the Distortions of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain’s “Report” on iERA By Abu Maryam Islam21c In May 2014, the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB) published a report entitled “Evangelising Hate: Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA)”. This report is a collection of statements attributed to iERA’s chairman, its official speakers and historic guest speakers that have spoken at iERA events in the past or who have had some kind of link with the organisation. The purpose of this response is to highlight a myriad of methodological and ideological concerns which seriously question the report’s validity and credibility. This response...

Did the Suffragettes Believe in Democracy?

POST BY ZARA FARIS Polling booths were propped open around the country again today and the perennial nagging began: “Women, use your vote! The suffragettes fought tooth and nail to win you this right!“ Women becoming involved in democracy was hailed as a ‘victory’ for them. However, is participating in the democratic system ever going to bring about justice for society, including justice for women? Has voting ever brought about lasting justice for women or, indeed, any group of society? Given that women (and even men of a lower social standing) were excluded from the democratic system in the first place, what on earth made suffragettes think that the democratic system was a just...